Sunday, February 13, 2011

marriage with honey and lemon

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            Have you ever heard about this cold remedy? My mother in law told me about it.. Stir some lemon with couple teaspoons of honey and it helps your sore throat and takes the cold away. It works, really... Can you imagine the taste? Bitter-sweet... 
            Last night I thought marriage is like that taste... bitter-sweet... no, I didn't get into a fight with Eddie, but sometimes, things can get pretty hard. So, marriage, usually is some cute, sweet "little" thing and all the flowers and butterflies... and even when everything is ok, things can get hard. Like now, with us. It's like 10 zillions harder than I thought it's gonna be. I am so thankful Eddie is so supportive in all this process... Yes, I know we both decided to keep the papers going for me here, and meanwhile to get him here asap. Yes, I know I enjoy being here and my life over here, and yes, I know it would be very hard if I'd have to go back there and live there... but right now, it's killing me this distance and in a way, I feel like is all my fault. Even though Eddie keeps telling me it's not, it still messing me up. But I'm so happy to have him by my side and to see how he takes care of me.
         ...and from now on, whenever life will give me lemons, I'll stir 'em up with all the honey from our marriage.

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