Friday, December 2, 2011

the day my life started to work out.

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             Today I decided to wear my ankle / wrist weights I just bought. So I geared up, weights on my ankles, shoes on, music... and I started my warm up. Boy, what a difference! When I started to run, I felt those weights so heavy. After 5 minutes I had to stop and take them out. I was too tired to continue with them on. After taking them out, oh man, what a feeling!!! I was flying!...
             And that was the moment I've seen the picture!!! The real life picture... how many times we "gear up" with weights more or less useful and assume we are Hercules and start wrestling with life? It was then when I understood better why Jesus said to leave our burden at the cross. And, started to think about those "weights" in my life that hold me back. Like fear of making new friends and than to be hurt again if/when we'll move, or not to be able to do my work better because I keep thinking I got the job I always said I would not work as. Or, how the fear of what the others will say about my crafty projects. Or, how I don't show my poems just to 2-3 people for the same reason I just wrote. 
             So, take that life! From now on, I'll gear up with weights only when working out so I can be healthy. Because tonight I've learnt these all other kind of weights just keep me from being me. 

what are the fears that hold you back?!

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