Monday, February 28, 2011

sunny day

            It was a sunny, uneventful day. All the feelings were overwhelming, and still, she kept on going.. she knew the sun was on her side and the stars will sing her lullaby in the cold night. Spring is slowly coming and the hope it brings, is like the mint lip balm on her lips: conforting and revigorating.
Faith makes everything possible, but love makes everything easy.
            ...and life gets brighter.


  1. i love love love the way you ended!!!!! It was also sunny here, felt so cold...i guess it's just like me these days...i put up a smile so people stop asking me whats wrong, but inside it's so cold..
    Anyway..."faith makes everything possible, but love makes everything easy" need them both. love you in all the ways!!!! >:D<

  2. couldn't live without them both...
    Thanks god for faith and thanks God for love. "You are amazing God"...

  3. love you too, maDa.. and miss you as well... :)
    Mary, I love the song...


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