Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Five Year Diary...

      As I promised, I want to talk a little bit about a very dear memory from my childhood. About one of those moments that mark you, mark your life and sometimes even change it. If not instantly, but on a long shot, for sure there is a difference.
     As a kid, and then, teenager, I used to live in my own world, didn't really open to talk with somebody. Instead, I loved putting my thoughts on a sheet of paper. Usually, I would hide the paper or throw it to garbage so nobody could read it. I don't know why I was like that. Around age 13, I started to dream about a diary. I knew I would not be able to keep one ( per definition, you have to write daily in a diary, which was impossible for me) - still, I wished for a cute one to scribble my feelings on it. Everyday while coming from school, I'd get into the store next to our apartment building and look at the (not so) cute diaries on their display. Still, I didn't have the money, and I didn't want to ask my mom. One day, I came home late from school, tired and already ready to go to bed, but my sister was full of excitement!!! We just got our Christmas presents! Yes, it was 2 weeks after Christmas. No, we didn't care about that. Growing up in a family with 8 kids, that was a certainty we wouldn't get any gifts for Christmas, just the love of our family and the hope and happiness of Jesus' birth. In our bedroom, on the floor were 3 shoe boxes with Samaritan's Purse label on them. I just grabbed one and ripped it open. I still have the picture in my head.
     There was a pair of socks; but not any pair... they were Adidas! Lots of candies, a set of Crayola colored wax pencils, a toothbrush, a toothpaste and... on the bottom of the box, under a cute pink box filled with sparkly lip balms, there was a little cute gray Five Year Diary. A DIARY!!!! Just for me!!! And it looked tons times better than all I have dreamt of a diary would look like! Well, nothing in that box made me happier. I was overwhelmed with joy. I cried that night before falling asleep. I had that diary under my pillow for a long time. And the pink box was a favorite. I used it as a purse, once.
     Needless to say, I still have them both (I just took a picture of them), and every time I see them, I remember God listens your heart. He knows your needs. I waited at least half of year till I got my own diary. It was worth it! So, whatever your need is, just go to your Father and He will take care of it. You might get impatient, but remember His timing is perfect, His work is perfect, and His love for you is never-ending.

Note: If you ever have the opportunity to make a shoe box for a kid or teenager, don't hesitate in doing so! Last year, I filled one with goodies for a 13 year old girl. I packed it with tears in my eyes remembering how I felt when I received my box. You can change a life with just a shoe box. This week is National Collection Week at Operation Christmas Child. Find a location near you and drop a box of happiness, hope and faith for a kid in need.


  1. What an awesome story!!! I'm go glad God blessed you though a shoebox gift! :)

    1. Thanks for taking your time to read it!! I was so moved by your article, can't wait to read the ones to follow...


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