Saturday, September 26, 2009

birthday week!

This last week was full....of cakes and goodies:)..and of birthdays...Because of birthdays we got so much cakes and good meals:).And today we all celebrated everybody's birthday at bowling and after that picnic:)...we had a pretty good time there, I enjoyed every single moment of it, it was like a fresh air..!!!:))
Last night Anna slept over..with me...she almost fell off the bed twice or 3 times, she kicked my butt off but she was sweet...before we actually fell asleep she started to talk..and she couldn't stop talking:))...I almost fell asleep twice...She told me about this movie she saw, "Firefighter" about some bad men who wants I don't know what(I guess I was sleeping at that part) and after that another man started to put chips into people's cavities so he can control their minds and their brains actually turned into red and green and yellow(this was the part were I really payed attention) and after that was 2 girls that flied and rescued the world...And in the end, I found out that the girls were, in fact, 2 agents undercover....Don't you think this is a great movie??:))...Too bad I was that tired, I could've asked her more things...She was sweet, though..:)And now, to translate you guys a lil bit, we saw last night Agent Cody Banks(that's with the cavities and colored brains), and some weeks ago we watched White Chicks(that's the 2 under cover agents ) and Firefighter is actually Fireproof, which I don't really get it cuz she didn't say anything about it but I just guessed anyway...:))'s amazing how she can remember different things and put them together and in the end, they pretty much make sense...sort of:))...but I like her the way she is and I enjoy every second spend with her and her sisters..:)Mary, her oldest sister, always says she doesn't feel I'm her aunt, she feels like I'm her older sister and to be honest with you, I feel soooo good!!!:)
I'm not gonna talk much about it, but I wanted to write it...three months ago, I left Eddie's city.Do you know what that means??...another 3 months apart.Is it too sad for this post?No, just painful for me..But it worths it.Every second of it..Eddie, you make everything so beautiful in my life!Thank you:*
I didn't post here in a while the song of the day but I just found a really good one and I'm sure you'll like it too..Enjoy it!
song of the day

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  1. I love birthdays!!! Sounds like you had a great week!!

    i love that picture at the top of your blog btw!!
    I'm sorry about Eddie!!!! It'll go by fast i promise!

    love you and your posts!!!


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