Thursday, October 1, 2009

The reason

I asked myself today "do I need a reason to write here?" and after that another question popped into my mind: "do I write here for a reason?" and here I got a lil bit stuck...Cause, if I write here for a reason, I need a reason to keep writing, but if I write here with no reason, than I don't need any reason at all..I guess I have something to think about next few days.
    Last night I got my hair cut.No, don't think about some new chic, fresh haircut, I just had it trimmed(I want my hair long).But even if it's nothing changed(just 1 inch shorter), I felt so good, like I was more confident in me, in what I am doing, and this feeling reminds me of every time when I used to get a new haircut...Every single time is the same...when I walk out of that beauty salon, I feel like I can do anything and if I want, I can conquer the world!(Maybe I should cut my hair more often:)...)And that feeling that everyone is amazed of my haircut and everybody likes it, is so good...even though, maybe nobody notices me or I am as invisible as I was till then, but that feeling is not going away so easy and it feels really good..You girls, maybe understand what I am saying right now..
   The idea I was trying to emphasize here is the strangeness of the situation...Sometimes I choose to care more about some new haircut or some new clothes I just got and all these things make such an impression on me, and I kinda forget all these other more important things in life...Like I feel better when I get a haircut than when I took a very good grade at some test.I now, there are different things, and they can't really compare, but still...Ok, now, to be honest, it's pretty impossible for me not to care about my look's a girl thing.
I think it's time to write about something more interesting, it's been an interesting week until now and I'm very curious how's gonna end.Today, it was first time when I drive in last 12 weeks.Oh, my, it felt soooo good...I was extremely happy even though I had to be really careful not to hurt my hand and not to crash into some other car or whatever...Maybe you guys think 'what`s so big deal you drove?' but you would understand the feeling if you wouldn't be able to drive for a while.And besides, for me, driving a car means freedom.No, you're not stuck on the roads, they just give you the chance to go and discover something new, something interesting.I'm addicted to it and I'm sure everybody is(at least here in US).And yes, I said that, I meant it, but still I enjoy walking and spending time in the nature.
And in the end, I'm wondering why I gave this post the title 'the reason'...but I guess, the reason of this title is this song.

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  1. What a great post! Too often I think we all feel that way. I am super happy that not only did you feel better after your haircut, but your attitude was much better, more confident and thus the people you interacted with that day, got the full benefit of how beautiful and wonderful you are inside and out.

    Love that you are back and driving again. I bet it feels great!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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