Sunday, September 13, 2009

Joyful Sunday

For me, it's been a pretty tough week and a pretty full day, but I have here seven things to be thankful for: relationship with Eddie.For those who don't know, Eddie is my lovely fiance and I can't wait to spend my life with him, to go to bed and wake up next to him, to look after him, to go out together, watch movies under the blanket in a cold rainy day and have fun with.In just a few words, to be with him every day of my life.He is the BEST thing ever happened to me and I am the most thankful for his love, his presence in my life.

2.the trip to New York.I love that city.Is my heart.I love seeing ppl walking down the street, I like the crowds, the streets, the noise, the energy, the feeling of being there...the feeling of being alive that New York gives you..It's like:"Wake up world, there are too many exciting things to lose them!!".There is always something new to discover and some new feelings to experience. wrist(is healed almost).Finally, I started to move my thumb.Yes, it sounds funny, but believe me, it's amazing to be able to do it again...7 weeks with a cast on is not really a piece of cake.
4.the trip to Niagara Falls.It's been a pretty tired trip, but it worth it!...It is amazing, it feels awesome to be able to see some of the beauty wonders of this earth.It's breathtaking.Speechless..I took lots of pictures, the only thing bothered me, it was really crowded cause it was a sunday and besides, it was Labor Day's weekend...imagine half of the americans + visitors being there...but it was nice, to be able to see all that gorgeous views.Something you can't see every day...Next place I wanna see...Grand Canyon ;)
5.the weather and yesterday.Yes people, yesterday was an important day for my family..My oldest niece got baptised.And her grandparents(her daddy's parents).Isn't it beautiful?..And the weather..well..if yesterday wasn't too hot out(actually, it rained a lil bit), today was sooo nice...sun was out, a lil breeze ...perfect day.
6.driver license.I'm so thankful to have that lil piece of plastic, I'll be so happy when I'll be able to drive again..I can't wait...go for a ride...just because...oohh....freedom, sweet freedom:)
7.the new laptop.One of my dreams, finally came true.I sold my other laptop and I got this other one and plus, I got $100 discount and an iPod for free....just cause I'm a student:).


  1. WOW! Your list of 7 wonderful things sounds amazing! How wonderful to see things from anothers perspective. You do truly have some amazing things to be thankful for.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. I love the pictures on here! They're great!

    My birthday was great! Thanks for all the blessings, I def know I received them!!!

    Love always!


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