Monday, September 21, 2009

While the trees get undressed

I'm listening my favorite music, and a weird feeling that I should close my eyes and don't think about anything embraces lids fight to open and I find myself smiling.I look at pictures and I wonder when did I grow this much:)...I went at doctor's a weird feeling to hear the doctor saying:"it's not healed yet...what do you want for the next 3 weeks: the brace or cast?"...what do you thing I chose?...of course, the brace...who would want to spend 3 more weeks with a cast on?Even if it was green, I still wouldn't want to "enjoy" that experience again...Today was so nice outside and I didn't really get the chance to sit down out there and enjoy the sun, but I definitely  was happy to talk with Eddie after a long weekend for both of us.
And I need to go back studying, I'm so behind...but this will happen time:).I found this movie on internet, it's called No Reservation, I'll let you guys know if it worths watching it or not...
xoxo, nami

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