Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"yellow rubber duck" moment

I love this weather, even fall is not my favorite season.It reminds me of the emotions when you have to go back to school.And all that preparations you need to do:buy new stuff, new clothes, new looks, new friends, new teachers, everything seemed so fresh and new even though you know everybody...Yep, it's the second year when I don't start school at this time of the year but I can't hide my excitement, I miss those days so much, when you meet your friends and go to school together, you're never too tired to tell everyone how awesome was your vacation and how happy you are to be with them again...
There are in everybody's life some certain things that reminds you of the old necklace reminds you about your grandma or the big teddy bear hidden in your closet reminds you of your nights when you used to hug him when you had a nightmare, or the wooden box that conceals some of your "treasures" since you were 9..I have some of those things, too and I cherish them so much because they 'bring' me back my memories, they make me relive parts of my life.And sometimes, these little "doors to the past" are more than just things packed in boxes or words written untidy on some old piece of paper...sometimes, the memories are brought back by a word, a simple gesture, an innocent smile, a friendly look.Last night, a little yellow rubber duck was the link to the past.I saw it in one child's hands and I felt like I'm flying back  in time.Maybe that e-mail you sent today felt the same way I felt.It was an interesting, full of nice, warmth smiles journey...
I love the way some of the most ordinary things can give you a glimpse of your memories.
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  1. uuuu lil sparrow....u have no idea what crossed my mind when i saw that duck...tell me..who used to be ur duck? who still is your duckling? promise you, when i'll finish doing the template of the blog, i'll put a translate in english :)) just for the new york babe that hides inside you...I miss those days in the park..i miss those diaries...greeny and pinky :) i miss those moments when we used to lay on ur living room carpet under the AC :)) and ROTFL :)) :P just becouse our mouths looked funny...i hate my english...that's why i'll stop here :))
    oh...what i don't miss and i don't want to miss, is you! Becouse i keep u close in my heart everyday, and i speak to you all the time, in the end...the secret it's inside.Maybe you are my secret :*


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