Friday, September 4, 2009

When a friend is not a friend anymore?

As people, we come and go in other's lives, some need our help, other ones give us a lil bit of their happiness, one time you just can be a rock for poor girl who lost her dog and next time you can be the one who needs a pat on your back.We live together, help each other, have fun together, cry together, we make mistakes and sometimes we are lucky to see anybody else making a mistake and learning it from their pain, but usually we are our teachers, we need to take our decisions, to make our path, to become somebody and to present ourselves to the world.Getting out there with no one to hold on to, it's pretty scary and this is one of the main reasons why teenagers fail to  this heavy burden.We need somebody to plead for us in front of everybody, so in need to share our achievements and failures we choose one person and we show ourselves as we are:with goods and bad.We show them how magnificent, clever, and strong we can be but we don't mind to call them in our desperate times and pour our miserable souls to their feet.We don't panic if they visit us and our house is a total mess cause last week we worked 92 hours instead of just 40 and we don't feel hurt when they say something don't look good on us, cause we know they want the others to see just the best part of us.So, while you start spending more and more time together, your trust in them is becoming bigger and bigger, and you feel you can conquer the world.You are happy you got someone strong besides you and as you receive, you start to give out, too.The perfect moments are your present and it seems to last forever so next step:make plans together.Spend more time together, you do more things together, probably move closer, and your lil need, softly comes into a strong friendship.Everything is awesome and you guys, are like twins, you became addicted to each other, life just is easier and happier.
But, what do you do when you wake up one morning, make your usual call and the voice at the other of the line sounds strange.Friendly and happy, but strange.And things start to change a lil have the first fight.After that, you choose something different for the first time.You feel like this great friendship keeps you lock in some kind of cage that doesn't let you try anything new.You're scared of being lonely, but you're scared to find unknown things about you. Finally, You choose to go find yourself, and after a while come back;everything is different including yourself and it's not like you didn't expect it, you just didn't think the impact could be so destructive.For the love of the friendship, you decide to keep trying but when the phone calls and you hear that sweet voice that used to bring you so much happiness in your life, you stop listening(for the first time) and you start wondering if you stopped being a friend for the other person, when did it happen and why you two ol' folks can't manage it anymore.You still enjoy being together and doing stuff together, you still cherish every moment, and you still share each other's secrets.You two still rock the world, cry together, have fun together, cook together, you gossip everybody else with the same mysterious look on your face, you even have a bad day together...
You cuddle yourself in the dark and you can't answer the question "when a friend is not a friend anymore?"

Note:This is not really smth I lived, it's just a small story that I find myself thinking about it everyday.


  1. Great post. I have great friends that I do not see often, but I could call any of them if I needed something and they would come running. I feel very blessed, indeed.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. This is a great breakdown of the art of friendship. Perhaps God just puts people in our lives for a season and others last a lifetime. Both serve there purpose to make us love, trust and enjoy the comforts of a close friend.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. multumesc pt comment. sunt noua in lumea asta a blogurilor si ma ajuta foarte mult incurajarile. imi place ca scrii in engleza :).

  4. As a tribute to our friendship i told razvan to buy me Pudding.Chocolate pudding.We cooked we went to bed and saw a movie...but the pudding wasnt "THE PUDDING" the taste was different, even the coulour..I had a flash right away... The chocolate pudding that's able to put me out from any problem i have, is not the same without you...has no effect without you! So i know for sure now..even if it makes me fat, even if i might throw up sometimes, even if it's too sweet for a certain moment, chocolate is part of my life, i am maDa de Ciocolata :)...but the best part of it that in my real life...u are my chocolate!!! >:D<


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