Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bad day

Isn't it weird how a song that used to make you happy and bring a smile on your face, now all it brings is tears and sadness?...Listen this if you're curious to hear one of those songs...I am aware this is not the happiest post ever, but I just write my feelings.And it takes guts to do that...some of you might think different things about this, but you know, I write for me, not to please everybody.I write here what I can't tell my fiance when we talk, not cause I couldn't, just because we don't have enough time to tell each other all we have to share.I put on these papers my heart, so my friends who miss me would be able to have a glimpse of my life from here and so they will know they still are a part of my life.Like I said, being together, but apart.It wasn't easy to leave you guys.It still isn't.I miss every moment I spent with you and I wish I could travel back in time so I can have a piece of that happiness.I guess all those sweet small things we used to do together made the person I am today.I know it's wrong to try to find someone to replace you, it's just disappointing, you can't be simply replaced.I know this, but I don't know why I can't stop doing it.I hope one day I'll meet again with the past and than...well, this will sound sad, but that's won't be the same if some day the past will become the present.Because we all changed, and nothing will be the same..Maybe just our friendship which, I'm afraid it wasn't strong enough not to break.
I'm coming back to you, maDa and Eddie.I have never left you guys.I feel when you are down, I am happy in the same time when you are and this is just happening.maDa, that song is for you..we used to dance and laugh singing it and remember when we both said we can't imagine ourselves being sad listening to it?...It's been quite a while...Now I imagine how our kids will be, I imagine how they're gonna look at our pictures with their friends and they'll say:"she's my mom's best friend ever." ..and let's hope we'll live close enough se we can spend time together like we used to..
Eddie,  my love,  this song is for you.I remember like yesterday when I sent it to you and you said this song is perfect for us.I'm sure it's perfect for lots other ppl, but since I met you I discovered a new way to love, to give, to live my life..Everything makes sense.Flowers smell better, sun shines brightly, days are happier..and if they're not, well, it deserves the fight cause I know in the end, it'll be just you and me.
And finally, for you guys who read this blog...dreams DO come true...and they can last forever if you know how to take care of them.But be careful what you wish for, cause dreams can hurt, can bring you lots of pain, but in the end, you'll see...every single great thing worths a lil pain!..
Be strong!

Note: Sorry you guys who don't know Romanian, the song for my fiance is a romanian love song, about the perfect love between a boy that just meets his soulmate.She's been there forever, but he just fell in love with her.

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  1. :) this really brings tears to my eyes. It's so....YOU! >:D<
    P.S. I wrote in English so everyone could understand.


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