Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last day of summer

...was yesterday.I spent it in the most perfect way to spend a summer day(especially when is the last one): at the shore...running on the beach, playing with the seashells, laughing with baby seagulls and and flying with the wind.Yes, it was a perfect day.I would've post something yesterday but I was so tired..
On Sunday we went to Niagara Falls.Awesome...amazing..even it was a tough day for me, I tried to enjoy it as much as i could.It was nice, to see that enormous gigantic fall, I felt so small and in the same time I had this strange impulse to jump in the water and to be carried by the strong flow of water.I kept thinking that in this way all my problems and all my sorrows will wash away and get lost somewhere under that rocks.But fortunately, I knew that's not gonna happen so I stopped myself from doing that:).
Coming back in the present...today I was so happy to find out that my best friend ever wrote a post on her blog in my memory..to call back all the good times when we were together even when we slept.:)Thank you maDa, you make me feel special even when you're so far.*big hug for you*I miss all that special things we used to do together.
I laughed.I laughed so hard, I found this funny video on youtube, you can watch it here and if you liked it, just leave a comment i'm curious about ur reactions;))...
And finally, today me and my sister cooked ...brownies:).mmm yummy ..and we spent some time together.While I was sitting there on the swing with her, I realized how cool she is :)and how much fun we can have.I'm lucky she's here:).
I can't just end this post without saying anything about Eddie.I miss him too much to be quiet about it.I so hope he will be able to come here by the end of this year ..I didn't know there are so many things to miss about somebody...excluding his presence, his smile, his perfume, his jokes, his eyes, his smell, his hands, I would stay here all week long and I wouldn't finish with it..ok, so I don't want to grow sad here, so I'll just say the last 5 years was very special in my life...cause now 5 years ago I met maDa, and 2 years ago Eddie became a really important part of my life.:)
So..when the summer goes in vacation, the school starts:)

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  1. I'm so lucky to have you my friend my lil sparrow...!!!!!!!!!!! I'mm so lucky to have those memories...so lucky to...jizas...only now i realized that 5 autumns ago i met you..at that window, with your big green eyes asking me if i'm ok and listening so quiet all that fountain of words :)) magic moments...and 3 autumns ago u escaped to oradea,that night remember? :)))
    gosh.I miss you.and jo..and yes, this isn't the first time when i tell you that you are both lucky to have eachother...i won't say a thing about eddie..he's just part of you now, and that sais all :)! i love you guys! n this crazy bride is water gun. :))[asa se zice la pistol cu apa?:))))] just wait till you'll get married and u'll see then real fun :)) ! can't wait for teh day when eddie will call me and tell me to come over the hospital for he's wife's gonna have a baby :)) ohhhh missy u'll be so sweaty :))) and nevous and i'll hold your hand just like we do at Lily's :))) when we shave our legs :)))) enough with my stupid english...my LAKE ENGLISH :)))))))))))))) ilu!!


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