Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What do I know about ... ?

I have no idea what am I going to tell you guys, it's a weird feeling I have, I mean, while I was outside entertaining myself on the swing, I knew exactly what I was going to write tonight and what I wanted to tell you..but now, is mind is blank.I don't even know what's worse, not to be able to say what you want to say or to say what you don't even want to say!?..I've read today in my book while I was studying that decisions are what make a computer seem "smart" and I asked myself "do my decisions make me smart?".I mean, let's be honest people, how many times we messed things up just because one imprudent, quick decision we made?How many times you didn't wish for a second chance, how many times you promised yourself you'll be more careful next time and still, you find yourself today with a bunch of broken dreams...It's not exactly about what decisions I have to make, it's only about how do I refer to them?How am I going to face the life, even if I still make mistakes?It's not the decision that makes me smart or whatever, it's just the way I handle it...or I don't handle it.
Secondly, I told you I'll share with you my opinion about No Reservations...and to answer to the comment I got at my previous post, yes, it's the one with Catherine Zeta-Jones.It's a great movie, me personal I've learned some things from that one romantic movie:)...One time Kate(Catherine Zeta-Jones plays her) refers to her job as it is all she is...and Nick(Aaron Eckhart) tells her she is a lot more than just her job, cooking being just a small piece of her and it just made me think a lil bit about how things are with me.(I know it's selfish to talk only about you but it's my blog and I should write stuff about me, right?..or am I wrong?..) I know I let myself thinking that if I can't do some certain things I'm not good at anything, and let me say it, it's the lamest thought somebody can think about himself.For a long time I let others to influence my personality and my thoughts and lots of times instead of speaking out for myself I looked down and I did/said/thought what others told me to do/say/think.So from now I'll try to remember this quote on my life journey, that I'm a lot more than just one thing I'm good best at.I won't forget that not the things make me who I am, I am making the things in this life...Like not that nice story I wrote make me who I am, I invented it, I wrote it.Yes, that story it is a part of me, but it's not defining me...
I guess it's enough with the philosophy so I'll just let you guys enjoy your last days of sunny warm weather...I am so thankful for them!!!

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  1. You are truly great at whatever you do. Sure people and circumstances can influence us, but deep down inside, we were all created perfectly to do the job God designed just for us.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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