Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome To Dreamland!

       "So, who said planning a wedding is stressful?" says the lion-hearted me. Yeah, actually, I enjoy it!!! It's amazing how quickly I forgot the last week, which, mostly, no, partly, was a disaster: lack of sleep, took off a day from work, not to relax, to work even more, than problems everywhere, at work, at home, no exceptions. Still, it wasn't that bad.. Ok, I admit, on Friday things just got crazy, and I was even more crazier. And tonight, I said I was going to bed at 10:00 - 10:30. Guess what?! It's 12:21 and I'm typing this small post... cause I enjoy my life right now, with everything that is. Good and bad. Happy and sad. Proud and disappointment. Life's a whole, and I don't wanna just pick some things I like, or I think they'd be good for me, and say: "ha, ha, I have the perfect life!" Nope, guys, my life is precious because He gave it to me, and He makes it special with everything He let me experience. My hope and trust is in Him, so why would I go weary? Why stress when I can pray about it? Why frown when you can smile? Why fall when you can rise up with all your pain and thru all the hardness? I'll stop dreaming about "how'd be if I really had enough money to go at the store and actually buy, not check the tag 2 times", and "what if I had another job" and "what if I knew some other people" ... I'll stop it, and just enjoy what comes in my way. The present is a gift. Dreamland, actually, can exist, and not only in your imagination or dreams. Dreamland, is not a land where all your wishes come true, is the land where everything is a wish that came true. A wish you probably didn't think you wish for. A wish you can start wishing right now.

PS: Hunting for sales while shopping and checking tags before you buy an item, is actually really fun, don't you think? Kinda makes shopping an adventure... very nice one, though ... :)

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