Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Down, Thirty Four More To Go!!!

      So, I just got this idea: till I leave, to post each day a pic with me and my wonderful Eddie. This is not the best photo we have, but we have an excuse. We were sad I had to leave to come back to States. It was a cocktail of emotions, not only sadness... I couldn't explain the feeling, I'm not sure I wanna talk about it.
    I've realized how good it feels when you check things you got done from your daily "to do list". So accomplished. Makes me feel important, for some reason. Another thing about long to do lists, I like cause they keep you busy... keep the time goin'. The sad part is, sometimes I'm so focused on what I gotta do, I forget about anything... and it's sad when you realized you forgot you miss your friends. To miss somebody, that's not my best feeling/mood, but not to have time to feel that missing there, well, that hurts me.
     There are 34 more days and I'ma take off... every day around 8:30 pm I start dreaming about that: "In xx days, around this time, I'll be ready to take off.." . And I start wondering, it'll be a sunny day? rain? maybe humidity.. or just a perfect day of August?.. cold? hot?... I'd prefer warm. What outfit am I gonna wear?.. Remember, I posted here some personal thoughts about outfits and stuff. Still, the question I ask myself so many times just pops out in my mind: "what should I wear on the plane?". I need something comfortable, cute, girlie, something that I won't be hot outside and not freeze 11 hours on the plane. Sounds tricky, huh? I'm sure I'll come up with something till then. For now, just eat as much watermelon as you can, be excited about VBS and enjoy the sun!!...

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