Sunday, June 20, 2010

Misunderstandings, Sun, Friends, Happiness and Long Lists of TO DO's

               Isn't this picture cute? Perfect day of summer, don't you think so? I took it on Memorial Day, at the shore (for some reason the name doesn't come to my mind right now). Atlantic Ocean is awesome, isn't it? I can say, it was the most beautiful experience at the beach since I came here. Only if the water had been warmer, it would've been perfect. 
             But, I wanted to say something else. I love this summer. With all its challenges (believe, there are plenty of them), and hard moments, this summer is lovely (how the english people would say). On Friday I've heard a lady talking at TV about forgive & forget. She was talking about forgiveness, especially. It just hit me like a bullet. I thought if you cannot forget when somebody else hurt you, you didn't forgive him/her. Of course, you don't bring it up every single time you have the chance, but it's human to remember from time to time (even if you don't want to), things that hurt you. It's the attitude we're talking about, here. Your attitude (and mine) should be one with forgiveness, and not a mean one. I don't know if it makes sense, but in my head is crystal clear what I wanna say. Why sometimes is so hard to express yourself? It's about me, my thoughts, how can it be that hard? Anyway, this was the misunderstanding I put up there.
           Sun, because it's been a sunny weekend, and even if it's 90 degrees outside (for the ones in Europe, this is like 33-35 Celsius degrees.. I know in Romania is hotter than this... sorry for you, folks!), I had a wonderful weekend, yesterday with family, shopping and then at Lady's Appreciation Dinner at my sister's church. Every year, men from the church prepare and serve the dinner for the ladies in the church. It was a wonderful time and a great opportunity for men to show their appreciation for the women in their lives. I enjoyed the night, I had a good time, and a little bit of relax was awesome. Today was a full day, too...I locked myself out this morning, my sis had to come home and pick me up to go at church, and all kind of stuff... but I'm thankful God spoke me this morning at church, if the pastor would've speak about something else, I would've been dead of stress by now. Since this morning, I just put everything in God's hands, and I know He provides, He takes care of every little detail in my life. So why worry and stress? Things will get done.
         Friends and happiness go hand in hand. Yesterday I wasn't able to talk to Eddie, he went at a wedding as a photographer (which I'm very proud of him ) and got home at 6 am. I was a lil bit sad, weekends are the only time when we actually can talk. Happily, I talked with him today. Just a lil bit, but isn't it crazy how much only hearing his voice can relax me? I guess that's just love. I didn't want to hang up, just so I can hear him breath. I even hold my breath for couple of seconds, it's something magical. He always makes me dream.. of him, of course. I am such a blessed person to have such a fiance, hubby-to-be in couple of months ;).
       And, finally, to do lists. They are part of every one's life. Worse than those sticky notes that keep sticking on you. Or like that gum stuck on your shoes. Uhum, sounds pretty gross, but let's face it: without 'em life would be boring. Nothing to do?! Hmm, for some, that would sound like a perfect life. For me, it's worse than ... I don't know. Having nothing to do, is self-killing. I have no idea if that word exist, but you get the idea. I used to hate when I had something to do. Now, I find challenging and interesting everything. And you can have fun even doing the stressful stuff. I can't just not say anything about the wedding (have you noticed this blog kind of start looking like a wedding blog? ). I enjoy taking care of every detail, and I start not to stress that much, which makes things simply wonderful!!! 
        Summer, you will be perfect this year!!!

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  1. uuu nothing about meeting maDa's boyfriend for the first time, and maDa hasn't even been there :)!!!
    ps: there's no one on this earth who does not love your eyes!!!


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