Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Help Comes From The Lord

      I've learned some new things during last week.. Some of them I'm in the process of learning, so be patient with me. I understood sometimes you gotta forget about being all pretty and nice, put on a "girl-zilla" mood and things will be taken care of. Not all the time things work this way, and I don't mean you to instantly change into a hag, transform everybody and everything in stone statues if they won't do what you want. Another thing I've learned, no matter who you're talking to, you need to be careful not to hurt the other. It doesn't worth it. The bad feelings after that, and not only talking about yourself, the other person, how he or she will feel after that? And, if your mouth just spoke before your brain, be sorry! And show it! Say it, too. Sincerely, from the bottom of your heart. Be sure there is something you need to rebuilt, and even if the other person forgives you before you even said "I'm sorry", it doesn't mean you gotta be like nothing happened. I'm that kind of person that with some people, I tell them "I'm sorry" even for nothing. I don't wanna hurt the ones I love the most. I feel miserable if I do it, and when I do it, that day or the next day, I am so sad, nothing and nobody can cheer me up... Till I realize everything is ok. It's a lot to say about this, but I'ma stop here.
           Something interesting: when other person would tell you something you don't really like, smile and don't take it (too) personal. Just smile. Don't be mean, or grumpy. There is a possibility he/she was mean, but who cares as long as his/her remark didn't get to you! Ok, sometimes, the "bad" comments could motivate you do something, but that's another whole story.
         How come, at work, time goes sooooo slow and as soon as it's 4:30pm it just flies?!.. It's unfair. Why can't we just have two Saturdays instead of Friday and Saturday?! I never get everything done on Saturdays, and on Mondays I feel like I will never accomplish something during a weekend. Weird feeling: to think time is not moving, and still it feels like yesterday was last Sunday and I was looking thru my clothes to see which one I'm gonna take to Romania. By the way, Eddie was right when he said I'll need a trailer attached to the plane: gosh, how am I gonna fit everything in just ONE luggage? Oh, there are too many unfair things in this world! But, I choose to see the full half of the glass!
          I love watermelon. I had plenty of it in the last weeks, and I enjoy it! (especially when mom or dad cut it for me.. such a spoiled kid I am!)
         I decided I'll take my understanding of "patience" at next level. Not by myself, with the help of my God. You're gonna laugh, but since it's gonna be only good things getting out of it, why not? I started to work out, eat healthy, and exercise everyday to lose weight. (should've done this a long time ago). No, I'm not fat, I just have some extra pounds that stick out every single time I wanna forget about them. Since forgetting is not an option now, I got to an agreement with myself: I keep doing what I need to do, and, in time I'll see results. Oh, I forgot to mention perseverance!! That's a part of the game, too!! It's simple: every morning an hour on the treadmill, eat healthy meals (this could be a small problem, sometimes), exercise. So, I'll have only to win here: I lose those pounds that make me feel miserable sometimes, I get to be more patience and more tenacious. I know, it sounds silly, but whatever works to keep me "on track", right?
       Tomorrow, I'll wear a pink skirt, purple shirt, and black high heels at church. Oh, wow, who's that fancy girl over there?.. I just hope it'll look good on me. Gotta get some rest, so have a blessed Sunday, and be happy: Summer's here!!! :)

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