Tuesday, March 2, 2010


       I've been living in US for almost 2 years and I just discovered that here, the spring begins on March 21st.That's a funny one...In Romania, 1st March announce the Spring.The beginning of the Spring is symbolized by  "martisor", which, is formed out of two string wires: one red and one white.Of course, as time passed, boys found out this is a unique opportunity to get their crushes' attention, so nowadays, boys give to girls all kind of gifts, even just a flower, but with the red and white string on it.It's a special and very beautiful tradition, that reminds us all of the regenerative power of spring and the new life. I don't wanna wait another 21 days till Spring arrives here(officially), so, at this one, I'll stick with my romanian folks, and I can happily declare the first 2 days of Spring, were great!.I love Spring, it is so special, and the weather is just perfect, all the sweet flowers start to appear, trees get their leaves and stuff...The other day while driving on the highway I observed a flock of birds, and I felt like a Spring Fairy.Everything is magically awesome about this time of the year.I just love it.

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