Thursday, March 18, 2010


         I had an interesting day today. Actually, it turned out to be awesome. No, I didn't talk to Eddie, even though I would've loved it. Two major things happened: first, at work I said my point of view and the time went by pretty quick, second I talked to maDa. The last one is the most important, but I put 'em chronologically. 
         People nowadays just amaze me. And not in a good way. A 50 years old just told me today that before he marries a girl it's normal to "try" her. "Look, look, like with a car: you don't buy it before you test it." I was like: "Excuse me?!?" ... Man, these people just got no clue what a soul is?. Since when, a human being is compared with a car? Lord, have mercy! After I told him what I think about marriage and about whom should I get married, he looked at me like I was a freak. He said: "And what are you doing in America?" I wanted so bad to tell him: "That's what I'm wondering, too!". I think people need to hear what a friendship is, and what a relationship is. I'm seriously thinking to post some thoughts about them both.
           In fact, I'm gonna tell you right now how special maDa can be for me. We've talked today. It was awesome. Not really the subject, but the feeling, how we talked, and everything, I miss her so much, I didn't even realized it till I talked to her. How good is to have a bff even at this distance. Yeah, it kills me, but still.. I'd like to be with her now, have a sleepover, sing on the carpet, watch a movie, talk nonsense, shake all the stress out for a while and enjoy some time together. I hope this will happen soon. 
I miss you, minunea mea! 

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  1. and trust me maDa misses you too. I sometimes walk on this grey streets talking to you in my head..i sometimes truly believe my thoughts are stronger than me and get over the ocean right in your head.. I so miss you honey! I so miss us!!! >:D< you`r my swimming pool, on an august day..yeah you`r the perfect thing to say!! >:D<


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