Saturday, March 6, 2010

How do you listen?

      I am at that age where I ask myself so many questions, but you see, I can tell I'm not a kid anymore: I need to find out the answers by myself. I feel the urge of adventuring on new edges, discovering new things and solve some mysteries. 
      Today while driving and listening to the radio(STAR 99.1 -> you should start listening to it, great radio), Casting Crowns' song The voice of truth came on. I've heard it so many times, I already know it by heart. But, it just hit me when I heard "the voice of truth tells me a different story". How do you listen the Voice of Truth? How do you know that one is God's voice?... Lately, I've become such a bad listener, and while people are talking to me and explaining me all kind of important(or not) things, my mind starts wandering all over the place, in the end I realize I heard nothing, and say just something stupid like "really?are you serious?". (I can explain that, by the way.It's easy: I have a wedding to plan, decisions to make and life just scares the crack out of me). Going back from where I started, we all are so sure that God is listening us and He loves when we pray, and worship Him, but how would you feel if I'd come to you and I'd start dumping all my problems, my fears, my tears, everything at your feet and never ever think to listen what you have to say. You'd kick me out of the house. At least, that's what I'd do. How can we start listening to God's voice, how can we enjoy His presence, His hugs, His love notes left everywhere? Can we find the time to stay calm, to think only about Him, to stay tuned with the heavens, to crave for God's voice? Ok, I got it. I thought I got it: I started to read the Bible everyday. But guys, do you talk with your beloved ones only through notes or mails? If God is just one prayer away, how far (or how close) to God are we?... I will start to actually make time to have normal conversations with my Lord. I will learn how to stay quiet in His presence and LISTEN to what He has to say. I will. This is my need now. My real need.
 Sometimes, you learn some things later than you're suppose to. Better later than never.

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