Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some thoughts about love

                The word "Love" unleashes in my mind a whole new world. Because a picture or a frame is just too simple. Love, is the song that makes us dance, the voice that make your knees shake, the eyes that tell you that you can do anything. Love is the feeling that makes people, humans. It's that moment when you are really mad on that person, but you can't hurt him in any way. Love is when you say "I'm sorry" even when it's not your fault, and you know it; but still, you say it from the bottom of your heart. Love does not mean you are weak. Love ennobles. Love can change someone in matters of minutes. Actually, in a way, love is the change that everybody needs. Love, this sweet 4 letters word, is more than you can ever write down on a paper. You can read years and years about it, but till you feel it, you won't know anything about its power, its meaning in life. Love, is the reason for the death of brave men, and the quiet tears that ran down on girls' chicks. Love didn't begin yesterday, and won't find its end tomorrow. Love is all the sweet moments. Plus the hard ones. The ones when you feared the most, when you thought you lost it all, the ones you knew you had it all. Everything is about loveLove is not just a movie with happy end. Love is self-renunciation. To think of the other before you think of yourself. Despite all they say, love is freedom. And when you get married you don't end "living" your life. The contrary, it's better to have somebody to share everything with. To feel you belong to somebody. To know that no matter will happen, at the end of the day, you have a loving heart and 2 arms to receive you. And, no matter how clumsy you are, to be accepted. To know that you will always have somebody to share your tears and multiply your joy. Someone to adventure on unknown ways, and someone to laugh with. Someone to be scared for, someone to understand you.
            Love, is not just a feeling. Love, is my life. I live to love. I love to live.


  1. till me when i say this, cuz u know i don't talk just to were the perfect example of unnconditional LOVE!

  2. And you're my miracle, maDa! Sweet, sweet miracle.

  3. Has your knees realy shaken??? Mine has!!!...

  4. Yes Mary.. In fact, my knees still shake when I hear his voice... and everything I wrote there happened to me. I wrote only from my heart :p... :) Miss u, sis.


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