Sunday, February 28, 2010


      Can you imagine my happiness when I was invited to my 13year-old niece sleepover for her birthday?I guess this gives me the title of a "cool aunt" huh?!You can imagine my reaction and how good I felt when she told me she wants me to her sleepover.
    Ok, let's start with the beginning.Today is her birthday, she turns 13.Her mom told her she can have a sleepover with all of her friends on Friday night(cause they don't have school or church the next day).And there she goes out of the blue: "Mom, do you think Vio would wanna come, too?" ...Her mom, and my sister was surprised: "I don't know.Ask her, and you'll see". When I came home from work there she goes pops up the question.I was like:"You really wanna have your 20 year old aunt at YOUR party?!".Of course, I couldn't say no to her, and on Friday night, I took my time to stay up till 2:30 with them and watch a movie, make a video...kind of make..because they made up all the lines and moves and everything, and as soon as they wanted to record it the battery died!...
    What can I say.Definitely was different than how my sleepovers used to be, but I enjoyed it.And I embraced the fact that even we are different generations, we still can adopt ourselves.I tried my best, they definitely loved my reindeer pj's and we made kind of a Christmas themed pajamas since one of them had candy cane pjs, and another one had snowman pjs..
    I guess that's enough about sleepover, I won't start telling you how we used to have fun at our sleepovers.Today we are celebrating Mary's birthday in the family and I gotta go help my sister get done those delicious cheese steak of hers.
     Till next time, take care and ENJOY!...Tomorrow's first day of Spring!

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  1. Now how much fun is that? You, the cool aunt, being invited to participate. I think you had just as much fun as they did.

    You have given them much more than memories you gave those girls time, which is now, more valuable than anything, anyone could ever buy!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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