Monday, March 15, 2010

Friendship is rare ...

       You've always been there for me, and you know it. Why do you apologize, then?!.. Friendship is rare, remember? And friendship, sometimes, means to leave each other on our own so we can learn the lesson better. Yeah, the help would be perfect, but sometimes perfection is too much. Like at one moment you need to let the toddler to make steps by himself, it's exactly the same thing here. I know you're by my side, and that's more than enough at times. Thank you for your friendship. (hugs)
      Another thing is, don't worry so much about me. Ok, I know, this would be impossible, but try not to. Things sort out. We sort 'em out. Yeah, I was upset on Saturday, and I wrote it here not for someone to feel guilty. I wrote it so I can take it out of my heart. The most important person in my life thought me to say what's in my mind and on my heart. The fear of "what's he/she gonna say" should be banned between friends, right? We all should know that every thing we say, do, or way we act is because we care about the other more than we do for ourselves.
         Friendship can be sometimes not understandable, but hey, that's the beauty of it, isn't it?

P.S. : I am still waiting for that mail. I hope tomorrow I'll get the time to send you one, too.

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  1. and yes you sent it! i guess it`s my turn now..and yes, just like you`s impossible not to worry about you.. in our relationship i`ve always been "the man" the strong one aparently, even though the strong one was always you. I think it was something gave me the strength to spoke out those words that you weren't able to spoke...we complete eachother perfectly. we are both needy, and both strong...but the other ones, on the outside are seeing only the needy you and the strong me. We`ll make it through this year even if it kills us!


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