Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Newly discovered washi love - one (or many) DIY idea(s)

This keeping the schedule thing is pretty hard when you have a husband like mine... We've been married for almost 3 years and we are still working on a balance between my schedule freak atitude and his oh so spontaneous ideas. 

I wanted to share with you last week how to do washi tape labels. I guess later is better than never, right? It's an easy idea of diy ( it takes literally 2 minutes to do it). All you need is a cleaned glass jar, some washi tape and a sharpie (can be a black one or coordinated). I used whatever I had in hand and it came out unexpectedly pretty. Your imagination is the limit. 

How to do it? Take 1 (2 or how many you'll need) strip(s) of washi tape, write whatever you need with the sharpie, stick it on your glass jar. That's it. Now comes the fun part: where will you use your creative labels? To make some cute happy mail for a pen pal? For labeling glasses at a party? For some pretty organizing storage? I want to see/hear all your pretty ideas!

 So you read my post and suddenly fell in love with washi tape, but it's late, none of the closest craft stores are opened and you really want to use it now. In that case, or any other case that might be, here's a tutorial how to make your own washi tape. Pretty sweet, isn't it?

Update:  My apologies for totally forgetting to mention here the crazy awesome digital washi tape from a vegas girl at heart that I used in my photo above. Yes, there are very talented people out there who make these available for us:


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