Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Solo" time. . .

          As the sun was invading our living room this Saturday, I decided that instead of having an extra half an hour of sleep, I'll spend some "solo time". This is a habit I created almost 10 years ago, when I met one of the sweetest girls on Earth, and she taught me the importance of taking time to be alone with God, to dive in His word, pray, stay still, listen to Him, observe Him in my life and all around me. She also confirmed the importance of keeping a journal, too(hence my gift of writing has improved over years - I have 4-5 journals from high school). Unfortunately, lately, I let things go out of control and kind of neglected those important "solo times". 

          But now, it was the perfect scene. A confused, scared girl coming before the almighty God in a quiet morning, while the rays of the sun were hugging me. As I was reading through Psalm 4, it was like God was whispering to my heart. I started writing in my dear journal. I poured it all in there. All my fears, my dreams, my questions. But above all, my prayer: "Lord, I want to be more like you. To be faithful to You, and only You.

Note: Laura, thank you for teaching me how great solo time is!

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  1. I like the name "solo time" and it is such a powerful, important time for all of us.
    I just saw your comment on my Hungarian farm post and wanted to follow up (and I don't have a return comment app). So neat to hear that you are from Romania. I have a dear friend who does ministry to the elderly in Romania who would live on the streets for lack of $ were it not for her ministry. I've only visited Romania (Cluj) once, but feel like I've visited it countless times because of my friend Kim. Anyway, couldn't let you comment go by without chatting back. Have a blessed week.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Gail! God bless you!

  2. Love the photo and your words!
    Alone time with God is priceless and there's something so sweet about sitting in a sunlit spot and having that alone time...
    I agree with everything your friend taught you.. especially the journaling part!
    Journals are SO great because you can go back and read your thoughts for years to come.
    We change so much as we get older.. it's so nice to have a record of what we were feeling and experiencing during different seasons in our lives.
    Such a sweet post!

    1. Becky, thanks for stopping by. :) I love jorunaling exactly for that reason... It's amazing how much we change and we don't even realize it. It's like I'm able to look in the mirror and see my 17years-old-self just as I was, not only what I remember... Recently read through my high school journals and there were moments when I was shocke that I wrote/felt/believed such things... If someone else would've told me so, I wouldn't believe him/her...


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