Friday, August 16, 2013

Mrs. Onion, the teacher

         One afternoon this week while I was cooking, I needed an onion. So I took the best looking onion from the pantry, peeled it and cut it in half. I was surprised to see that the onion was bad inside (this is the second time this happens when buying onions from this store). I felt how the blood rushed through my veins and almost went out of door to go complain about terrible products (that are advertised as "fresh from local farmers"). It was too late that day, but I was determined to use as much as I can out of that onion, so I peeled off the center that was all rotten. The moment I've seen whatever was left from the onion, was like a revelation. I felt like God had whispered in my ears: "That's how you used to be too, Vio." I was all cute and pretty outside, but on the inside, I was rotten and selfish, and had no patience, and full of envy and maybe even some pride. If someone would've seen me on the street, they'd thought what a great life I had, while I was so empty on the inside. Full, but empty. Only when I cleaned up and took all the bad out I've realized how empty I was. Only then I discovered God's grace and love can't fill up a dirty place. Only when I was honest with me I discovered all the crap I was hiding in my heart, my mind and my life. 

         And on that moment, in my little kitchen, I forgot about all my fury on that store for false advertisement, and thanked God for not letting me be an empty person. For giving me value. For naming me His child. And for using the most random times and ways to speak my language. It's like He makes sure we fully understand what He wants to tell us.

    What was that random thing this week that helped you see things in another perspective?


  1. It's always cool to me to see how God gets our attention through some of the smallest moments, and your moments here is no exception =)

    1. Indeed, is like a surprise when you expect it less... And it's so conforting to be remembered that He is right there, next to you, every moment, even if He's silent.


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