Saturday, August 31, 2013

taking the leap of faith...


          While life lately has been worse then a roller coaster, I am happy to say I've felt an everlasting peace in my heart. It was so comforting through these endless nights and long days. Today, I feel like I don't have anything to say, but in the same time, my heart bursts with words that can't wait to be said. Words of encouragement, of hope, excitement and great news!.. 

          After some "grown up" thinking, I have decided to re-list some of my cards in my etsy shop. I've decided to give it one more try. A better try. I am scared to put myself out there, and I'm oscillating between the fear that no one will like my cards, and the fear that I don't have good enough SEO and people won't find my shop. It might sound stupid and silly, but that's on my heart... I woke up this morning and decided to be brutally honest on today's post, and here I am. I know the road is long, and there are so many things I need to improve (like shop's banner, photos, maybe even description of the items, polices & procedures, card making techniques, marketing strategies, more items listed), so I ask for your patience and support. In the same time, I'd love to hear your honest opinions. 

I'm thanking you in advance, and I'll give you a hint: this "je t'aime" heart is part of a new design I'm working on. 


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