Saturday, February 20, 2010

one last wish...

is to have all my sisters and my brother to my wedding.
I promise I won't transform this blog in a wedding blog, at least this is my intention, folks.But honestly now, how many of you didn't have at your wedding all your family?You know how much that hurts, right?I'm hoping and praying for a miracle!..It would be like one last chance to be all together...last time when that happened it was at my bro's wedding, 11 years ago.And since then, all my sisters got married(but me:)!).Ok, I guess I'll go to the next topic, so this post won't be so tear-y ...
       Guess what I found out tonight!!!....I'm so excited, my favorite worship band ever will be on Pa this April!!!That means so CLOSE to me, I WILL GO!I've missed like 3 times Hillsong United's concerts, won't happen this time!!!Can't wait to go, oh, this just brighten up my day!!:)
         I really need to loose some pounds, so anyone who has any (fun) ideas, and/or something else that would help...I know the basics, eat healthy and sweat a lot!:)...
   ... enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. really helped me when i lost can keep track of the food you eat, how many calories, etc..and it's all free. :)


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