Tuesday, February 2, 2010


       Finally, I got the chance to write here.Actually, the time.It's been a pretty rough time for me the last ..hmm let's say 3 weeks.Yes, that's like almost all this year.It is true, it's been a full year till now, and I'm as excited as I can be.I'm a lil bit sorry I don't really have enough time for studying, but I'm working on my schedule so everything will be done just in time.I'm full of "to do's lists", and I have no problem with that.(only if the head aches would be fewer...)
        I still can't believe one month of this year just passed by...It felt like a blink of eye.And I'm pretty much wondering what else I've done other than work and home.Ok, and church.Something productive.I guess I gotta organize myself better.organize...the word of the day.Actually, the word of the year!
      Tomorrow after work I'll go to get my hair done, I'm excited, can't wait to go there, I know I'll have a great feeling after that.I started my fight with the extra-pounds, too, and now, every morning I wake up at 5:30, exercise and/or go on the treadmill.Maybe you think I'm crazy, but show me a person who wanna start exercising after a full day at work.I know I can't do it.
      I miss childhood, and even being a lil bit younger, like 14-15.I miss those summers when I used to stay out all day long every day and play tons of games, some pretty interesting to the stupidest ones ever.I am still wondering how we could've invented such stupid games.But we had fun.We knew how to have fun.I watch these kids today, if they don't have internet, a laptop, a cellphone or I have no idea what other high-tec devices, they have no idea how to have fun.I remember, with just one rope we used to make up so many games...Oh, and the books, how many of them I used to read back then, I remember  I read "Gone with the wind" in one day and a half.All 4 volumes.And actually, that was an afternoon and a night.Today, they watch the movie.In 4 hours.And they don't know how much they loose.I guess this is their time, and they might have some fun, I don't know how much, but I know the 90's were priceless.I know I'll be jumping rope as soon as the weather gets warmer.I miss that so much.
       No part-time job for now:(.I keep applying at different stores, and no call back.First, I was pretty upset, but after that I said:"You know, God?I trust You.If You think what I have it's enough, than that's ok with me."I know He takes care of all my needs, as always.My full time work was pretty challenging, almost every day I felt like just leaving that place and never go back.I prayed so much to God to give me strength and patience.Things seem to go better this week, but still...maybe I need to get closer to God and this is one of His ways to draw me closer to Him.I am thankful for everything He gives me, even for this job.
        Now, the part I like the most: Eddie:).I think of him every single minute, I talk about him all the time, and I'm so excited about weekends cause that's the time when we can talk.He just turned 22 this last month(HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRAVEHEART!) and I've been pretty down cause I couldn't be with him, like I planned.Distance and money(I hate them!!!).And last month was our anniversary, too.Three years together!..More apart than together, but our hearts have always been bounded.I can call myself the luckiest girl ever to have such a great man besides me.I have never been happier.
     Enjoy the song of the day, I love it, and I hope you'll like it too.

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  1. What a great post of reflection in the recent times of your life. Praying that God provides the direction and guidance you seek in all areas of your life from your job search to spending time with Eddie. His plans always work out the best!
    Hang in there!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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