Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On my heart

            As a teenager, I used to go to youth camps and youth conferences in Romania. In one of those camps I’ve met some of the  Jesus freak people. They were  not different than everybody else. Well, they were wearing jeans, converse shoes and t-shirts with verses on them, or the WWJD signs. They wore the FROG and WWJD bracelets. Not the style (have I ever mentioned I had a pretty weird fashion taste while being a teenager?) was what caught my attention, but their attitude. They were proud to be Christians. They would go out on the street and declare they follow Jesus. 

            Down deep in my heart, I wished I could have the guts to just be so bold, but being a pretty shy person didn't help at all. However, as a grown up, I start to encounter almost every day situations when people think of me as a freak, not necessarily because I walk around screaming my head off "I'm a Christian, I believe in Jesus!", but mostly because of my attitude, the decisions I make or my behavior. And I am reminded again and again that people will see if you follow Jesus. Not necessarily because of the way you dress, or because you only listen to christian music. But because your self-control is beyond their understanding, because when asked to work hard, you don't back down, because there is always a smile on your face and because you love everyone. And when asked why you do that (or why you don't want to go to that place) you can tell them you do it (or don't do it) because you love Jesus. Now, don't get me wrong, I haven't got everything mastered (I really need some help with self control) but I choose small things to remind me through the day "Vio, you still need to work on your patience!" or "Do you have great expectations from other? How about you start to be the change you want to see in the world?". I am not perfect, but even the tiniest decision I make everyday can bring praise to God. 

What helps you show Jesus to the people around you?

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  1. I talk with the girls in public about God, for example if hey ask me way is the butterfly white? The answer will be, because God design it that way. He made it beautiful and perfect. People my look at my funny, but I don't mind, it is more then just a butterfly, it teaches my girls that is not a subject we talk about just in church but daily .:) PS: I work on self control too. I have some really good days when I master it and some not so good days when I fail badly! Loved the post!

    1. Erika, thanks for sharing!! That's great way to implement in children's life the greatness of God!


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