Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rediscovering myself

          Couple days ago, my sister was telling me how she shared this story of mine with somebody from her church and they were very impressed and so psyched to hear the shoe boxes they make really do have an impact on children's lives. Which, made me curious of what I wrote (yes, to be honest I don't always remember what I write) and by the time I was finishing reading it, I was crying so bad. And then, I started scrolling through my other blog posts. I remember how surprised was my hubby when I wrote this story; he could not believe I just made up three stories - on the other hand, I was so frustrated on people who don't know how to manage the things really matter and then, they are the ones who complain they are unhappy. I remember the confusion I was facing when I kept wondering for days what do we have to fight so we can get more time to spend with our families? Or why should it be this way? The miracles I just witnessed this summer when I discovered the secret of asking and seeking before knocking on the wrong door.

          It was like I was getting acquainted with me again. It made me feel proud of how deep I can think, how good I am at expressing myself and in a way, I re-discovered myself. I think I spent the best 20 minutes that day reading "myself".

      Do you ever go back and read your old posts? Or read your journal since you were 15? 

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