Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A fairy-tale come true

         I live in a fairy-tale. 

           Almost two months ago, my husband and I moved to our own place. It's been a dream come true and I think it is the best thing that could've happen to us this year so far. After the move, I finally have time to spend writing again (which I missed so much) so I wanted to start out by sharing with you a glimpse of our new nest.

the bedroom

dining room & living room

the kitchen

          And when I thought things could not get better, my friend Erika from Shine On asked me to write a guest post for her. Go there say Hi to her (she's very friendly and cute) and see details for a very simple but awesomely delicious greek recipe



  1. I love your new place!I must come by for a visit!:)

    1. Suuureee!!!! I'd love you guys to come over!!


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