Monday, May 28, 2012

Ask, seek, knock

{source: Pinterest}

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 
(Matthew 7:7)

The oddness of knowing something for a long time is that you stop thinking of its deep meaning - and there’s the risk of missing its own beautifulness just because you know it. Quite the same happened with this verse I read this Wednesday. I know it since I was a kid, and I’ve used it more than hundreds of times in different situations. 
Just this week stroke me its fullness of meaning. Pretty much all the time we get quickly to the last part, “knock and the door will be open to you”, not even thinking there must be a way to get to the door. My husband and I came to an important fork in our path. Important decisions are to be made. There are 3 opportunities opened for us, each one of them with its pros and cons. You can imagine the pressure of choosing what will be the best for our future, too, not only for present. In situations like this, I would love to be able to ask God what to do, be quiet and then, a voice from the sky to tell me which way to go. Relating this to the verse, it’s exactly what I said earlier - I want just the door and the knock, forgetting the importance of researching, and discovering (ask, seek...).  A friend of mine, pointed out that, God arms us with all equipment we need to make decisions, but then, in order for us to grow up, we have to make our own decisions. True. 
For some reason, I’ve observed, we are all about “God doing His part of work” - and we get focused on this, we forget we even have our own part of work which we neglect because we’re focusing on the wrong things. Then, when we get in the front of the wrong door and it opens, we blame God (which is convenient), never even crossing our minds to get back to the beginning and not start with the last step. 
Today, I want to dare you to take a moment and reflect if you're not knocking on random doors. Today, I stay in prayer, learning to trust my Creator, learning how to search His guidance instead of quick answers. Today, I'll start asking, and seeking, knowing that, at the right time, my husband and I will get to the right door, we will knock and it will open. And all will happen in God's best timing.


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