Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Feeling...

              The spring feeling that I missed so much, I can't really have time to enjoy it, 'cause I'm making plans and fill my entire time with visions and dreams... about the moment when I'll see Eddie again. Pretty much, my life sums up to this, right now. And I can say, never been happier in the last month. I close my eyes, and picture the moment in my head over and over again... This week I'm gonna buy my ticket, I hope... so another reason to be glad!
             This Saturday was awesome. Just perfect day for going to the beach. I didn't go, but still, I had a good sleep outside in the backyard. It was great. I love how my skin smells in the Spring, or after I lie in the sun. Guess it's weird. Another plus to this weekend, I had a wonderful time talking with Eddie, make some more plans for the wedding, talked to maDa, had a good time (I needed a time with her!), and on Sunday we went to the Romanian Baptist Church. One of my friends from there got baptized. Praise God! It was amazing to be at a Romanian church after a while, and I enjoyed the time I spent with my cherished friends. It's always good to have special friends. You know, I'm looking around and every day I discover how sad people can be. Pathetic, in a way. Ok, pathetic maybe is a little bit too much, but how could I think about something else when I see everybody looking for happiness as it would be something like a prize you'd get after a race. First, happiness is not the destination. Happiness is a way to travel. Second, being selfish and thinking always, only at yourself, you're gonna end up being lonely and gloomy. I would like to, secretly change people's hearts one night. Yes, I sound all like 'love and peace' and 'make love, not war', and it might show me as a naive girl who'd believe anything you'd tell her. The truth is far from this. I think it would be interesting to see people's faces when they discover happiness is just a prayer away. Just a thought changed. A smile instead of a bad word. A loving heart instead of a stone one. A caring hug, a harmless kiss on your chick, a friendly look, a warm word of encouragement. 
              I am glad I know what happiness is, even though right now I miss Eddie like ... I don't have a word to describe that. No words needed when it comes down to Eddie. 

I love You, braveheart!

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