Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just a Fine Day!...

         Today was, well... a very nice day for me. And it just became even more special... I just realized it's been exactly 10(ten) months since Eddie popped out THE QUESTION and gave me THE RING. We've started "dating" on January 23rd 2007,  (a couple of weeks after we had our first conversation) and we usually 'celebrate' every month, so I'm always focused on the 23rd of the month, not the 24th. Still, it's close, and I am surprised it's been not even one month to forget about it. Contrary, I'm the one who is really possible to forget about our monthly anniversary. Quite unusual for a guy, right? The only reasonable answer I found is that he loves me. And I know he does. Oh, how I love him, too... Can't wait for August to finally be able to meet him again. You guys don't understand how hard it is to have a distance relationship for more than 3 years. Only if you've been there, too. Which I doubt. No offence, everyone. 
    Well well well... I have no idea how am I always ending up talking about love... our love!... I'm in love with love. And it might sound stupid, but love is the most important thing on this planet. How can anyone get bored talking about it or reading about it? Not including the feeling of love. Which is more than just a feeling... a power. The power that makes us humble, and in the same time, it puts us above everybody. But, I was going to say that today was one of those days when at the end, you lie down on your bed and say: "Today was a fine day!" (with a southern accent..). I successfully crossed out some of the things on my to do list, had a nice time with family, ate some pizza, went shopping(and found some really awesome clothes at extremely small prices), slept outside in our big swing (I've been dreaming about it for quite some time...I've missed it), talked to Eddie (it was just PERFECT).. I wish I would've been able to teleport myself next to him at least for 1 minute so I can give him a huge hug and a kiss.. Till then, I'm dreaming about the day when I'll see him again.. 
         I'd be mumbling all night, but I promised my sis we're gonna watch a movie together. So, till next time, guys!!

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