Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Twenty + One..

      The List:
- Eddie is the biggest blessing in my life;
- I'm blessed with a special family: big, weird, spread all over the World(almost), but deff lovable, caring, and my parents are the best parents ever (I mean it!!);
- I'm blessed with an abundant life (if it was everything smooth, that would've been too boring);
- I'm blessed with a job and my friends from work are great;
- I'm thankful for the weather;
- I'm thankful for God's peace in my heart even in times of trouble;
- I'm thankful because God is taking care of every single detail of my life, and I just want to be like the clay in His hands - to mold me how He wants;
- I'm thankful for my friends (just a few, but they are precious!);
- I'm thankful God invented the smile. Such a simple gesture can mend a broken heart, brighten up a day, make a new friend, give hope, and wow! - it's FREE!.
          These are just some of my blessing + some of the things I'm thankful for when I start this new year. Yes, I celebrated the 2010 New Years on dec 31- jan 1, but yesterday was my birthday... and I had a wonderful day, but now I'm 21 and I was kind of sad ( I liked 20 ) so, I said a list like that could help a lil bit. What do you say?! I think it's working!!! I feel much better when I read those great thoughts, and when I think at all other tons of blessings. Once again, I proved myself I haven't changed: I can cheer up myself no matter how down I am. 21, here I come! I'm strong and I can do all things! through God who strengthens me. 


  1. love you sweetheart :X:*:X:*:*:*

  2. Eddie - Love you too, hon! <3
    Kat - thank you very much for the idea, I think it's a great one, I hope this week I'll get the chance to post that list, I'm going to start working on it!...


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