Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Behind The Scenes

       It's interesting how people show only what others want to see. It's pretty sad how all of us got to the point when a smile, or a joke made me say "Oh, but I know that person!". Really? Well, let me tell you how I've been feeling for a while.. Unknown. I mean, so many people who think they know me, and in fact, it's exactly the opposite  how this picture is. They stay in front of the drawer, but they don't open it to see what's inside. Don't wanna handle with the mess inside. How much guts you need to open just one small part of somebody? Sometimes I look at people around and I wonder how much sorrows do they hide, how many secrets share their brains, how many happy moments their hearts enjoy? We are connected to each other, if we need each other to live, how can we just pass people and not care about 'em? There are moments like these, when I sit down in the dark in my room, and wonder if I understood this world the wrong way. Why people have a "behind the scene" section in their lives? And how it is possible for someone to change that much in a relatively short time? When did all of these happen? How? I take a huge breath and lye back in the chair. It's gonna be a long night, questions hanging in there waiting for an answer. And I can't help not asking myself how it would've been if just one thing was different?

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