Monday, April 12, 2010

Touchable Dreams

      21 things to do in my 21st year of my life:

1. to line up my thoughts with God's thoughts;
2. spend more quality time with people I love;
3. help someone in pain... the best investment in your life, is to invest in people's hearts;
4. forgive and forget;
5. trust people again as I used to;
6. start writing (and hopefully, finish, too) the book I wanted to write for years and never got the chance;
7. set my priorities straight;
8. share more smiles, especially when I'm down;
9. enjoy the friendship of my friends;
10. I will not stop dreaming;
11. visit all those wonderful places where I grew up;
12. I want to become the woman who turns a simple house into a home;
13. count my blessings more often and don't let my fails to get me down;
14. take more pictures;
15. don't stress so much over every little thing;
16. listen to music more;
17. bring to life the child that's hiding inside of me;
18. stop caring so much about what everybody else is thinking about me;
19. have more faith in me and my skills;
20. stop exaggerating my deficiencies and start counting my qualities;
21. never stop being me.

        Dreams become miracles when you believe... 
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  1. well... I don't really have a bucket list... All I want is to be with Eddie. That'd be just perfect. :) Other things we would do, together or not, would be just an add to my happiness.

  2. >:D< miss you!!!!!! You will do all those things..and a few more actually. Today is the day..and i have no feelings about it!
    tk care 'minuneo'


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