Monday, November 16, 2009


It will be a short one, not because I don't have what to say, but because it is late and tomorrow I'll start work again.I'm not sure, I'm happy, or not?...I'm happy cause I kinda got bored at home all day long, and stuff, but I'm totally definitely sad cause I won't be able to talk with Eddie every day, which is like the worst thing ever could happen to me.But, let's keep the cheerful mood here, and be thankful for weekends and internet.
I had thought over the weekend to write my first come back post about truth.It could sound like an essay you have to get it ready for Ethic's class, but let's face it, everybody stumble in it on their everyday life.I won't tell you what the dictionary says, you can find that out by yourselves.I was curious what Mr Google would say about it(because we always "ask him" about everything we want to know)..It said there "truth is rarely pure and never simple".The irony is, I deeply believe that truth is always pure.I'm not sure about the "simple" thing, but I'm certainly agree with the idea that truth makes things more clearer and simpler.So, this is the question: why should we stick with the truth and not living a lie?
We always have options in our lives.We are free to choose whatever we think it's the best for us, but how many times did you happen to think the shorter way is the easiest?And how many times it happened  that, after taking a decision, you wished to go back in time and changed it?Only if it could be possible!The tricky part is, usually, truth seems to complicate things at first sight, and we are tempted to believe it.In the end, when all the cards are shown, you sit there, with your head in your hands and wonder why did u go for it and how life fooled you again.The reality is pretty tough: nobody and nothing tricked you.That equation has only you and your choices you made in it.The result, is your present.Which can be a present(gift) or in a second it can turn in your worst nightmare.No, I'm not talking about some science-fiction movie, it's the real life I'm dealing with.Nobody can make decisions for you, but together, all of us, can change and influence this life, we can make a difference by choosing to tell the truth.It can be knotty always telling the truth, but as far as I'm concern, I think it is the simplest way to get thru things, even when it hurts.Honesty is one of the most important things to make it happen.It consist of being conscious of your qualities and deficiencies, but not overestimating yourself or underestimating.And now, after all this short "exposure" of some thoughts, maybe you wonder what made me write about such a large subject.I think you have the write to know there is nothing indecent about the naked truth, and this fact just fascinated me for last days...Actually, this is just one of them..Have a nice day everyone!

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