Monday, November 23, 2009

This is real life.:)
Today I took my older sister to take her driver license, and of course, she passed!I knew she was good...I told her...still, she was pretty nervous.The funny fact here, the same man who gave me the driver license in May, gave it to her.I was excited to see him, and thanked him(again)...It made my day.
Hmph...Anything else interesting?..I forgot the weekend is the short part of the week, and last 2 days just flew by me, leaving me with lots of things to finish to do, God, I gotta be more organized!!!And wake up earlier.Only if I wasn't that tired...But I'm thankful for Thanksgiving, can't wait for those 4 days off, sound like paradise!Actually, working is not that bad, to be honest.I don't have a hard job, still, I get home and I feel so tired, I don't want anything to do but sleep.Enough about work.
This weekend was a weekend of surprises!...We found out that other 2 of my sisters are pregnant, so, it'll be like, next year, almost in the same time, i'll be an aunt 3 times:).And today I realized that, my first, my third and the sixth of my sisters are pregnant...I'm glad I'm not the ninth.just kidding:)I'm dreaming about getting married, not about having kids!..

Speaking about wedding, I sent Eddie the papers he needs to apply for a visitor visa for holidays!Please, pray for him as he goes to USA embassy, having the interview and everything.I have faith and hope he will get the visa, I pray every day, and believe me, it's hard to pray:"God, your will to be done, not my wish".I am aware of the fact that He has the best plan for me and Eddie, and I wanna trust Him with all of my heart, still, I don't want to think about Eddie not getting  the visa.It's a pretty tough point in my life and I pray to have the strength to be thankful for what I have and to be patient and enjoy what I'll get one day.
Last week, while listening music at my iTouch at work, this song really nice song came on, I liked it and I thought to share it with you, at song of the day.I hope you like it...
See you guys in a couple of days, till then enjoy your life and smile!

PS:I almost forgot, yesterday I went to Wal-Mart with my sister, and we discovered that the first ingredient written on Gold Fish boxes, is "smiles"...It made my year!:)I knew why I loved Gold Fish!:)


  1. Congratulations on being an Aunt (multiple times over) and on your sister getting her drivers license.
    Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. fata deci 1-betty 2 danoaia 3-aurora 4-mary 5-emicutza 6-jo 7-tu...aaaaa gata gata...e stefan pe udneva pe aici si atunci vine pe 6 emicutza..gata...deci betty cu aurora si cu emicutza..
    :O:O:O:O omg!!!!!! acu realizai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aurora o mai face un laurel sau o Benjaminaaaaaa!!!!!!!! fathaaaaaaaaaa naroada e!!!! ce le mai place si lor shaorma...ce ma bucur ca americanii tai nu inteleg ce zic eu acum:)))))!!!!! fata ce drag imi e.vezi k am multe sa-ti zic si tu n-ai mai dat semne >:P

  3. ai 2 greseli, maDa..:)...prima: este 1-dana, 2-stefan, 3- betty, 4-aurora, 5-mary, 6-emi, 7-jo si 8-eu:P...a2a, este legata de prima:)....dana cu betty si cu emi sunt gravide...da cine stie, poate aflam imediat si de aurora:))....ti'am trimis mail aseara, inainte sa ma culc....sunt super obosita, azi lucrai 12 ore jumate, si apoi vino acasa si fa curat si trebui sa ma mai si spal pe cap, sunt zombie deja....lasa hai k mai vbim noi....take care:*


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