Friday, November 6, 2009


I discovered something pretty interesting today...:)and that is, if you read the titles of my last 3 posts, you can see for yourself, it says "fast, return tonight".I am still confused of this message, it could take so many meanings...Where should I return, and why such a hurry?...I guess, it's Eddie's heart, I know hun, I know, I miss you too.Oh, dear readers, never stay apart of your beloved ones!Take my advice with no doubt in your hearts that I wish it only for your best.I had in my life just one boyfriend, I met him almost 3 years ago and after not even one month from the moment we've met, we found out our feelings are the same and we've been together since then.I have never imagined this possible, especially when I was looking around me and all my other friends had had at least 2-3 boyfriends(girlfriends) until they found the right ones...But I can say it from the bottom of my heart, I could never be much thankful for him.For his love.For the opportunity to spend my whole life with him and only him.One of my dreams came true...To find my soul mate and enjoy our adventure together.It is, indeed a great adventure, but being with the right person, it makes it special and a lot more easier to go thru it every day.No, I won't say that once you'll find the right person for you, every problem will vanish, never.But the magic in every story is how you both can get all the monsters down and how good team you make, forgiving each others mistakes, learning from each other, helping the other one to be himself(or herself), being there in every moment, and yet, not being in the way of living their lives.Of course, each relationship has its own style, story, history, present and future, and I can't tell you exactly what to do to work things out, only I can assure you that, if you love, and are loved, always will be a solution for every problem and a bigger happiness in your daily walk.

 Yes, I know, I started with an odd fact, but don't you find love odd and yet such a normal feeling that any of us should feel and share?

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  1. Pooh : this is the best prat of the day
    Eeyore : What part is that?
    Pooh : when "you" and "me" become "we"


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