Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fast food world.

No, it's not an anti fast foods commercial.Me personally love fast food...Mc Donald's french fries, Burger King's hamburgers, KFC's chicken...and so on...What I am against is today's world.Everything's going fast.Everything's happening fast.We meet on facebook, fast, in 5 minutes we're friends..We talk on aims, we even do our school on line so we can get to work a full time job.In the end, we stop and ask ourselves what did we miss, what did we do wrong, why nothing is the way it should be, and we start again...changing the good stuff and keep doing the same mistakes.We choose to see the movie, in maximum 2 hours, not to read the book in a couple of days.It's a miracle when you see someone reading, and you give them a weird look, even though deep in your heart you miss reading a good book.But you don't have time.
I this moment, I feel like important parts of my life are stolen.Life The present society forces us to grow up over night, like that fake salad we eat everyday.To give up the childhood for boring, exhausting problems and the whole world expects you to be responsible as soon as you turned 18.Like being responsible is a new bracelet you put on.I wanna get off the train, find a new path, try new games, lay down in grass and laugh, feel the adrenaline of walking on the precipice's edge.I wanna see the stars again in the night.Count the falling ones and wonder about the 'walking' ones.Walk barefooted, go for a walk at midnight.I wanna throw away all the bills, the late pay fees, the boringness of an imperfect job, the tiredness of working overtime just to make a lil more money so you can afford a gift for Christmas.The pain of not having the ones you love the most next to you.The late dark nights when I can't sleep and I have nobody to talk to.I wanna forget my responsibilities.I quit!I quit being a grown up!I wanna take my old job back.I will be a sweet lil kid till the end!!!
And now, the [sad] song of the day.

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