Friday, November 20, 2009

Lifestyle changed

For the last couple of days, my life changed.Basically, it got back to normal...a different one.I know it can be confusing, but believe me, I know what I am saying.I went back at work this week, on Tuesday, and I found out everything changed.Lots of new people, my friends changed, I don't even know who to trust or not anymore...And when working in a team, you need to trust 100% the other team mates.But I'm sure things will work out and it'll be fine in the end.I have a positive feeling.:)
One thing I'm very very very excited, tonight, actually, right now, in like 30 minutes, I'll go to a praise and worship night at Princeton University.Yes, I have a friend that studies there.Actually, we just met 2 weeks ago at a romanian church, and he made me so proud of being Romanian...because he just finished high-school and he got full scholarship for 4 years.Yes, we are intelligent and smart people!:)I'm so nervous about how the things will be, and because my sister can't come with me cause she got over time..
Ok...ummm...really, my mind is blank so...I'm afraid I have to say au revoire!:)..See you soon, keep safe and don't get sick.

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  1. i should meet this guy you know? :) :P maybe he'll explain better what cenzores means :)) :)))) i just don'yt know what's rigth and what's wrong anymore...realy.I'm writing in this notebook and i have the feeling that tomorow it will be in ur hands and i'll be in ur hands...the feeling that i'll get to hug you if i wake up early or if i just do something better. I never knew it will be so hard. I just wanna come there in june.THat's all i realy want for 2010! And to finish your wedding dress:)))"lacoste" honey! >:D< "lacoste"


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