Thursday, September 6, 2012

for my dear husband

"Two things are impossible: to see God with your eyes and to narrate the love."
Adrian Paunescu (Romanian poet)

          I read this on the Internet yesterday. Partially, I agree with it. No, you can't see God, but you can see Him through His creation. Take a second and look around: you'll be surprised. Who taught the birds to fly? Who taught the ocean to roar? Who made the flower grow and smell so nice? Who taught people to love?

          Yes, it's impossible to narrate the love. You tell people you love them through your actions, your words, your smile, your attention to them, making them feel important, telling them they're cute (and meaning it), hugging them, kissing them. And yes, sometimes I fail miserably at "loving" people. Not that I actually stop loving them, I just forget to show them my love. However, I'm grateful it takes a lifetime to tell love and that words are optional.

My love is written on your heart, my dear!...

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