Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Letters

          Dear Friday,
     I can't believe you're here again!

          Dear Husband,
     This week we celebrated our first 2 years together. Thanks for being so sweet and loving me so much! I love you, too! And, as cheesy as it sounds, marrying you was the best decision I have ever made until now. Can't wait to see all the other adventures that await us. 

          Dear Cosmin,
     You'll leave tomorrow to meet your bride. I'm so excited for you two and I pray you'll be back safe and sound. Can't wait to meet Dana, too!! In the same time, thanks for trusting me with your invitations, guest book and so on...

          Dear Coffee,
     You're delicious!!! Especially in these cold mornings.

          Dear Fall,
     I'm learning to like you. I start liking the coldness of your mornings and the crisp air. However, I can't dig in the cold I just caught.

          Dear Friends of this blog,
      I love getting to know you. Thanks for joining me in my journey as I share with you my heart.

          Dear life,
     Thanks for being busy, but allowing me to spend time listening to Bible. It is awesome how many things you can discover re-reading (or re-listening) this precious book!



  1. i love fall, but i didnt use to It's so pretty though!

    Following you now! Happy Friday!! Stop by and say hello! :)


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