Thursday, September 20, 2012


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          This week I've been shadowing respiratory technicians and nurses at York Hospital.  I never knew what "shadowing" is until now, so I don't know if you know. Briefly, shadowing is when you follow around a person who is working on a job you'd like to start a career in, but you're not sure you like it. So, you want to get an idea of exactly what that job is. You're that person's shadow for a certain amount of time.
          I'll tell you from the start: it was ah-mazing!!! I've seen babies that fight for their lives, and people so sick they have no hope of living a normal life again. I've seen a baby coming into this world through a c-section, and forgot all about my anxiety of seeing blood. When you're there, watching things happening, or even much better, doing things, the last thought is "how much blood", or "that's gross" so on so forth. I can't wait to go to school and be a part of this.
          However, now that I'm home, I keep thinking of the similarity of what I did for two days and our relationship with Jesus. Of course, we are not as fortunate as the Apostles to actually follow Jesus around, but we can definitely spend time reading the Bible, trying to understand better and better what He wants from us.
          Are you willing to shadow Jesus?

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