Friday, May 21, 2010


                So, I stay here, trying to find the right words. Lately, I've been a lazy blogger, and I gotta make up to those who read me. I had a pretty interesting week, and one thing has to disappear from my life: naps that I take right when I come home from work. They just mess up my whole schedule. One thing I have had in my head for those last days: focus. I need to focus on things that need to get done and stop wasting my time. I wish I could have enough time for everything I want to do, who wouldn't wish for that, right?!
                 My life now is only about wedding right now, but still, I'll try not to talk about it too much. It can be fun, though. I thought it's so stressful and not fun at all, nothing goes as you plan, everything breaks, you're out of the ideas... but there, in those moments, if you stop a second, say a prayer, calm down and take things slowly, you can do whatever you want. Another crucial thing I gotta keep in my mind, is: nobody will actually know how I wanted things to be. They'll see only the "finished product", and they're gonna love it. As long as we are happy, what else matters? Good. The counselor part of myself, does a good job. I give me a pat on my shoulder. :) Since yesterday, time started to fly. Really, today, the 8 hours spent at work, seemed like 5 minutes. Came home, took a nap (accidentally I slept for TWO hours!!!) and guess what time is it? 10:11 PM! And I have 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days to get most of the planning done.
                 Eddie is in Germany. Yep, I was as surprised as you are. He had to go with his bro', some "business trip" who knows?!.. I'm kidding... What I don't like is that, they left today, and they want to make it back in time for their cousin's wedding. Going back to weddings for a sec, this is officially "wedding year". So many people I know are getting married this year, is crazy!! Oh, Eddie... I wanted to say I am worried about him, about this 7 hours drive to Germany, look for what they need, than come back, another 7 hours drive. And I cannot get in touch with him, that's the worst part. His roaming service is not activated, and I don't know his brother's cellphone number, cause he just changed it. All I can do, is pray. and hope. and trust God.
             On another hand, I haven't heard anything from my bff, maDa. Ok, I know, I didn't write either, but I've been busy (spending hours on trying to find the right paper for the invitations.hilarious!!) with.. everything. I miss her, though, and I'm wondering how's she doing. The other day I was thinking, if we could've been together now, to plan this wedding together and have fun going shopping. At least, I have lots of memories. It counts, doesn't it? Of course it DOES!. So, maDa, if you're reading this, just letting you know, I've been thinking about you even if I haven't got the time to write you. hugs and kisses, my dear!
             This week it felts like I haven't learnt anything new. Same old things. Guess sometimes we need to "repeat" the class, so we can reach the level for another lesson. Oh, wait! I got in my mind this quote I read once on internet: "Smile is a curve that sees things right". Any ideas what that could mean? I'm sure there's a catch, I've been trying to figure out something, but nothing I liked popped in my head. Till yesterday, when I thought, that, in life, even if you go thru rough times, you still can smile. Nobody says it's forbidden to smile any time. It's natural to smile when you're happy. And everybody says it matters how you go thru problems, not really how you end up getting the right solution, right? Then, smile IS a curve that sees things right. I mean, no matter how big the storm is, you can still smile, knowing that at some point, sun will be out again. Am I making sense here?!.. Honestly, I don't know, but it feels soooo good to be able to put down my thoughts. I have plenty of time at work to think about anything.
             Something annoying: when somebody thinks sum up life only about money. I imagine them with some of those glasses with $$ signs instead of lenses: everything you tell them, they instantly think: "Oh, that's expensive!" or "How can they afford that? They MUST have money!!!". Worst thing? Sometimes, I'm like that too. I do my best to keep it real, I mean, life is NOT only about money!! Yes, almost everything is done with money, but you can enjoy life even if you're not in top 10 richest person on the planet. It's an adventure, a way to trust God, to learn how to step forward. Look at the bright side and just stop saying "No" to things you'd love to have or places you'd want to go.
       Oh, crap! I have a lot more to say, but I'll stop here. Have an awesome weekend, enjoy the summer and smile as much as you can!:)

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