Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Up-To-Date Life

         Don't worry, I know it's just May, I put this picture up just so you can have a teeny-tiny idea of how my wedding will look like... Since I got all so stressed and almost transformed myself into a bridezilla, I said what could be more fun than to share with everybody how's it going?!... So, here I am, standing here, with a blank look, trying to find what to say.
          First, we have the date: September 11th 2010. The theme will be, obviously, fall wedding. Location? It'll be in Oradea , one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, and it happens to be the city where Eddie lives(of course). The ceremony and the reception will take place somewhere next to a lake, outside of the city, it's a very beautiful place. I've never been there, and you know what?! I'm amazed how am I handling all these. Because, I have to plan everything from here. And I cannot be there to see when every single decision is taken. Ok, this might not be tragic, but I'm all stressed out cause I have no idea how I want things to be.. I chose this fall wedding theme, and I don't even know when it happened, why I chose it, cause I've never thought of my wedding having a fall theme. To be honest right here, I've never imagined my wedding in a certain way. I always imagined me and my groom, not any thing else. And my heart stops beating when I'm hearing all those brides who know everything about their big day since the day they were born. They know exactly what colors they want, what decorations, how they want their hair, what dress to wear, shoes, make-up, they know even what tie their hubby-to-be will wear. I have no idea of all these things. I always dreamt of my wedding day being the most funniest day in my life but never thought how would it look like. Well, I guess this is one of my major problems in life: I don't really know what I want. So, going back to the wedding, I like this picture and the warmth of the colors.. that's great. What's not great is the whole other choices you have out there. I guess everybody a lot of brides-to-be go thru this (at least I hope). It was so hard in the first place to pick some colors. Green with brown, green and white, brown and orange, blue and yellow, orange and green and so on. It was harder to stick with them. I chose fall colors: brown, orange, red, some yellow... I constantly would've changed them if Eddie hadn't stopped me. He said: "That's enough.. the wedding will be done and you'll still keep changing the colors." See? God knew why He gave us the guys... They might be useless sometimes, but essentials to other stuff. I'm so grateful I have Eddie by my side. So, we have the date, the location, the colors, the person who's gonna decorate everything, guest list, what invitations will have... and talking about invitations.. I said I'm gonna do them myself (a way to save some money and have some fun.. I thought). I chose this simple invitation (click here to see it) how hard can it be to do it? Didn't think I'd have problems, but never thought I wouldn't find a place where to print them. Cause they are "negative" (how the lady from Staples told me.. they print out only on "bright" papers with "darker" text color). It's interesting how even the things you think they'd be head ache free, end up giving you the biggest head ache. I still have faith they'll be gorgeous in the end.
            I guess it started to be boring, I'm already bored when I hear myself talking about, and still, there are so many other things I would've never ever in my life thought could be possible to think of them as a part of the wedding. It's a big challenge for us to do it, first, because I am here (and usually the girls take care of every single detail), second because we have just 3 months to plan this, and third, because we are sooo different! I am the kind of person who wants to know every moment what will happen in that day, he's the kind of person who needs to know just what hour he needs to be in church and when's gonna eat. Not really, but he's not stressing so much over details like I do. Honestly, this difference can start up small "fights" really easy, but you know what? He's the one who makes me laugh at the end of the day, no matter how mad I am, and I keep in my mind, the most important thing is that I'm marring the guy who was perfectly made for me. The rest is just details... some will remember 'em, some not. What they're gonna always remember will be how we will be in that day. Our love and our happiness. And nothing, I promise, nothing will come between me and the happiness of being there with Eddie.
        I cannot wait to live that day. It's gonna be perfect, because it's gonna be our wedding.

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