Friday, December 11, 2009

Life as a dream?

               Life is a reality we live everyday, and it can get pretty tough.Things are not always going the way you want, especially when you wish really bad for something you need so much.Lately, most of the people I know have serious problems.It's like a perfect day of summer and suddenly, the sky is filled with heavy black clouds and the most horrifying thunderstorm is about to begin.And I'm on my own, praying, hoping, believing everything will be all right in the end.I stay in the dark, wishing for the sun to come out so I can go back to my little fun games in the sun.I know I can do it thru the storm, I have to, there's no other chance, but how long it will take?...Do I have to come to the point where I'll be in the most miserable point of my life before things could turn around a lil bit?.Why things can't be simple?
             I am here, all alone, with nobody to help but me.It's always been this way.But am I gonna be strong enough this time too?I need to, I have to..there are people out there counting on me.On my help, my presence, my love and my carrying hand.I know everything will be fine, I believe it, otherwise I won't make it thru this hopeless darkness.I come back again and again to one of my favorite quotes, "Life is hard, handle with prayer." and despite of all the deceptiveness, I still hope this Christmas will be magical.

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