Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas is here!:)

     I know this Christmas won't be my bestest Christmas ever, but I'm not that sad.In fact, there will be many more Christmases to enjoy and to be everything perfect, right?.Winter holidays are the most beautiful holidays of all, I think.And it is very important to spend them with the ones you love, and to have a warm, nice Christmas it is a MUST.Actually, everybody has his/her own dream about Christmas.So, I was thinking to share a lil bit of my fantasy with you guys.To be honest, I'm not sure how it would be my perfect Christmas, all I know is Eddie has to be in the picture too.Anything else it's just background.
     But hey, I have another brilliant idea:).I'll tell you about the most beautiful Christmas in my life till now.Of course, every Christmas has its own magic and that little things that make is special, so, one of the most beautiful Christmases in my life was three years ago, right before I met Eddie.Actually, around Christmas I've talked first time in my life with him.Now, this is the highlight of that Christmas, but back then, there was something different.Like every year, our small church, tried to do something to reach out people, to spread the Good News about Jesus.So, that year, we had the idea to have something like a show instead of going caroling like every other years.The end of November and the whole month of December till the big day, we practiced, and I was very very very busy, cause I was in the choir, and in the dance team + plus had to keep up with school.I was very tired, but I loved it, first because I didn't really have time to think about my life, what to do and where to go, just before that, one guy let me down pretty bad, I mean, it started right before I threw myself in all this craziness with the show, and it lasted till the day after Christmas.I won't tell you the story, I'll just say he hurt me really bad, so I was happy to be in all those activities, so I won't have to stay and cry myself to sleep every night.So, I was making something for God and for me.It was a win win situation, and I thought I was alright and I didn't need any help...till I talked for the first time with Eddie.He was cool, and good looking, ok, I admit it, he was hot, but I didn't have time to fall in love with him, besides, I wouldn't have let that happen again to myself.So, thru all that pain and tiredness, and stress, I was very happy in my heart cause I knew everything will be ok, and I was happy for Jesus, the precious gift I receive every year, and I focused on being thankful and helpful for those who needed me.The show went great, our carols were awesome, I didn't get tired of singing them, the dance was perfect(the only mistake was I took one boy's shirt and he took mine, so I looked like I had a dress and his shirt was too small for him-that was funny) the drama was excellent, and everything was awesome.I was happy and peaceful thru hard times, and I felt Jesus' love like never before, it was an awesome experience of my life.And of course, the most incredible gift I've got that year was meeting Eddie and after that, we fell in love and know the story(more or less).
   Now, after I wrote it, it doesn't seem so incredible and 'wow!!', but everybody knows how important it is to have somebody comfort you in trouble times, and after being heartbroken(especially before Christmas!!), to have wonderful holidays it was a miracle for me!And the more time passes, the more I realized how special was that Christmas for me, for my life.I know it won't be another Christmas like that one, and to be honest, I'm not sure I could handle another one, but I look forward for the Christmases-to-come, to discover its own magic.No matter how sad and negative could seem Christmas, there is always something special about it.If there isn't the gifts, or the persons you want to be with, there is Jesus' birth, and His power to transform the most depressing Christmas in the most miraculous Christmas ever.You just don't have to give up faith and don't stop believing.It happened to me, it happened to lots of people, it can happen to anybody.
    I know, it is amazing how can I write these words, but they are from the bottom of my heart, and before to be a support for you, it is for me.I've been told this past week, I always had the strength to lift myself up when I'm down, and this is what this post is about...helping others and first, helping me.
I know this Christmas will be awesome.

PS: I forgot to tell you about the wonderful snow we got here, I'm so excited about it, it feels like Christmas!:)

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  1. We got about 10 inches of snow....I love it, too. I pray you have the best Christmas ever!!


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